For industrial shelves, there are two popular choices: open shelving and closed shelving. They share some similarities while still being unique. To make the selection process easier, it helps to gain a better understanding of what these two shelving systems feature.
Comparisons between Open and Closed Industrial Shelves
Although these types of industrial shelving come in different sizes, colors, and configurations, the design is the primary difference between the two.
Open shelving has a bookcase type design, but instead of being encased, the shelves are open. In other words, unlike a closed shelving system that has a steel back and three enclosed side panels, open shelving is open all the way around. For that reason, it is more accessible.
Depending on the brand, both open and closed shelving options are held in place with nuts and bolts. However, there are also boltless shelving systems. With this unique design, assembly, disassembly, and adjustments are quick and easy.
While it might seem that open industrial shelving is more beneficial, there are several key benefits associated with closed shelving, as well. For instance, if placing this shelving system in an office area, perhaps one where visitors, vendors, suppliers, and clients meet, a closed design is more aesthetically pleasing.
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