With a strengthening economy, consumer spending is growing. Therefore, manufacturing companies are producing more products and warehouses are holding more inventory. It is common for warehouses to outgrow their space. While this is not a bad thing, it creates challenges. If you are dealing with this situation, you have excellent options for industrial storage shelves that will maximize your warehouse space without relocating or expanding.

When choosing the right type of industrial shelving for your business, whether this entails pallets racks with pallet rack beams, industrial wall-mounted shelving, mezzanines, open-access boltless shelving, or something completely different, vertical space is utilized and horizontal space becomes more efficient. As aisles open up, forklift drivers can reach shelving easier. In addition, pickers can gain access to the inventory faster due to the elimination of congestion. With or without a warehouse redesign, you will quickly notice an improvement in production and overall operations.

Although it is important for you to consider a number of different shelving options for the main floor of the warehouse, as you look around, there is a good chance that you will see wall areas that are not being used. With industrial wall mounted shelving, empty walls become important as part of the solution. While shelving mounted on the wall cannot hold large or heavy items, it can hold smaller parts, components, and products that often get lost on larger shelves.

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