Industrial shelving units used in an office environment for a warehouse, manufacturing plant, distribution center, and other similar businesses, are somewhat different from industrial steel shelving used on the work floor. For instance, an industrial shelf used to hold parts/components, equipment, and machinery on the work floor is going to be exposed to more dirt and debris than shelving in an office.

In addition, work floor industrial shelving units can sometimes be unsightly; even when well-made, they may not project the most polished image like hard wood furniture. Another difference is that, in some cases, industrial shelving is chosen for the back-office, whereas hard wood furniture shelving is used in an office setting. Regardless of whether you are interested in a hardwood furniture shelving or an industrial shelving system, you need to consider the furnishings that your outside visitors will see.

Industrial steel shelving used in the back office has to be presentable to ensure that, when vendors, suppliers, executives from the home office, and current or potential customers visit, they enter an environment that looks professional.

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