While using boltless shelving in a parking lot might sound odd at first, there are actually many benefits. Boltless shelves have quickly become one of the hottest shelving solutions on the market for people who need something that is strong, durable, and long-lasting. If you choose a RiveTier shelving system, you have confidence that only high-quality RiveTier parts are used.

When choosing boltless shelves for your parking lot, good quality is essential. In addition to buying a well-respected brand of shelving, you want the best hardware. For instance, Burroughs shelving clips are used specifically for Burroughs industrial steel shelving. The clips connect into the angle post of the shelving system,creating an extremely secure connection on which the shelf rests. These clips have a unique saddle-type design that is non-binding and locking, making the installation of the Burroughs system easy. Even the level of a shelf can be adjusted in no time and without disturbing the other rack shelves.
Steel shelves are beneficial for many businesses. As an example, a company that offers car care and maintenance can perform work outside when inside space becomes overcrowded. In this case, boltless steel shelving with a wood deck would provide a secure place for parts, components, tools, and equipment to rest. Especially when choosing industrial shelves on wheels or boltless shelves that can be assembled and disassembled quickly and easily, when work is finished for the day, they are simply rolled or disassembled and moved back inside.

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